Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Change and Istiqamah / Steadfastness

Assalamualaykum bloggers...topic of the day Change and Istiqamah


Can We Change?


The question is..
For How Long?

hmm..that's a problem, for me the answers is "as long it can be". You? ask yourself dude. Well, as a matter of fact, everyone can change, but the problem they had is for how long. Let's us talk about changing to good, who wanna talk about changing to bad right. I'm gonna give you one examples the problem we all had in the process of changing.

Smoking Scenario
A : Hey B, you wanna one? (cigarette)
B : No thanks, i think i wanna quit smoking.
A : Okay...

            2 days later

B : A, You got cigarette?
A: Yeah, why?
B: Give me one.
A: I though you just quit?
B: Well, i wanna starting again. ha3.

See from the dialogue right, person B changing, but only for 2 days. That's the problem we all had. So it's useless we discuss about changing without knowing how to maintain it. Because changing is easy but maintain it? that's what we gonna discuss now.
What equipment we all need in the process of changing? just one and it's the main thing to make Change process succeed.

Istiqamah or Steadfastness

How to achieve it?

According to Ibn al-Qayyim, there are five conditions to achieve Istiqamah in performing required deeds:
  1. The act should be done for the sake of Allah alone (ikhlas).
  2. It should be done on the basis of knowledge ('ilm).
  3. Performing ibadah should be in the same manner that they have been commanded.
  4. To do it in the best way possible.
  5. Restricting oneself to what is lawful while performing those deeds.

its shows without istiqamah we still can change, but its not permanent.
so guys, keep in our mind, if we want to change, make sure
we istiqamah doing it.
 "people can change, its easy, but for how long ? thats somethings that some people fails to do." - H2O

Sory guys, this entry should be more long than this, but due some problem that i didnt even know, second half of this post has gone missing.=.=

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