Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our lives are made in these small hours

Our lives are made in these small hours - Rob Thomas : Little Wonders.

                This songs once be one of my favorite songs, its make me wonder what I've done in my life, am i using every breaths  that's been given by Him wisely or conversely? Should we sigh with the little TEST that's been given by Him than grateful for this life - The Biggest gift from Him - Should we? How ungrateful servants we are if we keep sighing and sighing about this life, so i'm gonna try the very best i could to bare in my mind that everything He gave to me -Pain, Joy, Sadness, are special Gift from Him so im gonna treasure much much more every breaths i take, every second i live. Did you?

Guys!  "Live Our Life to The Fullest", so when we old enough to looking back into our past, we won't have a single regret about it.^^

This a second times I'm trying to write an entry full in English, correct me guys if the grammar suck or the spelling is wrong. I'm still trying to improve my English skills, any opinion or tips from you, I appreciate it so much.


  1. same here..hehe. yana nk jugak imprv my englsh skill nie.. :)

  2. aiyakkk , tak reti english sangat . haha

  3. waaa..good effort. got some errors but i'm not sure myself what are the correct one. so, ssh sikit. betul-betul menghayati the lyrics eh?

    songs - satu lagu je kan?
    once be one mcm pelik. tapi taktahu ape.i think it should be, this song was once one of my fav song. kot.
    its make me - it makes me
    every breaths - every is single
    special gift-pain joy sadness kan banyak tuh.

    yang lain tak sure. sorry lah kalau rse mcm bajet. cume nak membantu. :)

  4. @.izzati liyana.thx atas pembetulan...^^ sje2x nk poyo try tulis entri dlm BI pdhl x da latar blkg BI yg kukuh pun..ha3..

  5. bgus . teruskan usaha okey :)

    old enough to looking back - supoosed to be old enough to look back. lepas perkataan to, biasanya root word.


  6. takpe-takpe. jangan malu untuk berjaya. yeah. go go go. yang unna cakap tu pun betul. lepas to, root word. :)

  7. thx smua atas teguran...^^..
    sangat2x menghargainya...


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