Tuesday, July 05, 2011

You Can't Handle the Truth

they got two eyes, but just few of them gonna be able to see with their eyes and their hearts.  Academic status of eminence not measure a person able to see the truth in front of them. Rather they did not seebut often they are turned away from it because they fear the truth. They keep ignoring the fact around them, did everything they can to stop it and party thats supports the truth.

The Question is...
       For how long they gonna keep denied it and ignored it?

- Winston Churchill

"The truth eventually will come, you can run, but for how long you gonna run, because the hardest part is, it's impossible for you to hide from it." - H20

i'm praying & dreaming that time, when the people around them open their eyes to see the truth - face it and accept it.
If they keep running from it, the truth gonna chase them from the back and how long they can stop their heart to looking back. Can they handle the truth or they gonna denied the truth around them and closed their heart from it? It's a question that i'm still waiting for someone to answer it.

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