Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Inspirational Video from Britain Got Talent


               Today i just want to share an amazing video from Britain Got Talent 2012. If u watch this show, u'll know what it means by " dont judge book by its cover ". Short brief about this video, it shows to two people come to hv an audition, at early Simon Cowel said something like this " Just when u think things couldnt get worse" meaning that, at the first look, Simon Cowell think those two contestant gonna give one hell of a suck performance, but opposite thing happens.. Those contestant, Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte give one hell of great performance that makes Simon Cowell, & other judges shock. For information, Jonathan is a person who lack of confident ... hmmm......

                Now enjoy this great video from Jonathan Antoine and her friend Charlotte.

First time watching this video, its make me felt " what...............? how awesome that guy"
A piece of advice from me guy , never judge ppl before u know her/him well enough and if u cant go to the top alone, find someone to help u.

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  1. ohh that guy sounds awesome..good to have the girl as his friend..he must do sumthin about his physical look to solve his low self-confidence, its for his own good..


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