Thursday, May 24, 2012

why Twitter are better than Facebook?

why twitter are better than facebook? for me.... there's few reason..

  1.  i can communicate with well known people from political parties, government , sport star and something like that and raise my opinion to them. for me, twitter are more suitable for matured people.
  2. in twitter, i dont have to keep reading news feed about lovey dovey thing compare when im using facebook, sometimes im curious with facebook users, did they think i give a single damn care about their pathetic love stories.. come on guys and girls, grown up.
  3. twitter is simpler compare to facebook, we just tweet, reply tweet. Now facebook have a new timeline right? that just add up reason for me not to use facebook.
  4. twitter dont have games, such as Farmville, Empire Allies, seriously guy, those games are just like the drug, it make people addicted. im ex facebook gamers u know..ha3...
  5. most twitter users, are came from profesional people, so i had low probability being followed by little kid who always tweet about childish thing. ex " in few minutes, i wanna eat, i wanna bath la. bla bla bla.. something like that. ha3
frankly, i cant deny, twitter also lack in some ways, they dont have chatbox and we wouldnt know if someone is online or not, but if we see it from different angle, it can be positive things, our privacy are more secure right. Everything have pro and con.. for now..... im prefer twitter as my main social media.


  1. i dont have twitter acc. n dont know how to use it.. hahaha IT blindness! :P

  2. IT blindness konon...yeletew..pdhl kt KUIS amik kos related ngn IT..ha3..

  3. totally suffer when become a facebook gamers....hehehe

    twitter are better than fb...

  4. tak de la pulak twitter . hehe .

  5. blog laaaggii better dari fb n twitter ^_^

    setuju ...?

  6. rojak takde twitter dengan fb...tapi nampak gaya mcm twitter lagi bagus dari fb


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